Ladies of many Nationalities available for you now
We are sorry, but under Western Australian law we are not permitted to publish the details of the services provided at International 300. We can tell you that the standard services provided at International 300 are time based and that they are provided in the comfort of a tastefully decorated room.

Prices are around: $160 for half an hour
$200 for three quarters of an hour
$240 for an hour

A variety of other services are available by agreement between you and the lady
you choose to spend time with. We are happy to discuss your needs further
when you us visit at International 300.

facilities are available for your convenience (surcharge applies).

Safe sex:
Our hostesses are required by law to undergo regular health checks to help ensure that they are free of sexually transmitted infections. In the interests of your health and ours only safe sex is practiced at International 300. WA law and International 300 require the use of condoms by guests engaged in sexual acts.
CAUTION: This site contains nudity, if you are not over 18 years of age, you are required to exit the site now